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We accept purchase orders! | Free shipping on orders over $500*
We accept purchase orders! | Free shipping on orders over $500*


  • $99.00

    Introducing the MindLabs Energy and Circuits Class Set, the easiest way to implement hands-on and engaging activities to teach standards-based concepts in STEM through engineering. Say goodbye to dead batteries and defective or broken components! Students can learn key concepts while creating and repairing their own circuits using virtual components. A proven, powerful educational tool, MindLabs helps students develop their problem-solving skills through interactive challenges and open-ended engineering design projects. All it takes is a card set, a mobile app, and a mobile device or tablet – set-up and clean-up is cut to minutes. Classroom research has shown the activities to be engaging, effective and fun, making it a great way to get students excited about STEM subjects.   Benefits of using MindLabs:

    • Engages students in hands-on learning
    • Teaches engineering concepts in a fun and interactive way
    • Develops problem-solving skills
    • Promotes creativity
    • Makes STEM subjects more accessible for students and educators
    • Set-up and clean-up is easy!

  • $20.00$100.00

    Bristlebots are small robots made by attaching a vibrating motor to a toothbrush head. By adjusting the position of the pipe cleaner arms, they will travel in circles, straight lines, or scoot around in random directions. They are great for teaching engineering, motors, circuits, and principles of balance. What can you make your Bristlebot do?

  • $25.00$100.00

    Perfect for putting the “A” in STEAM, Paper Circuits are made with LEDs, coin-cell batteries, conductive tape, and everyday craft supplies. Use printable PDF instructions and templates, or create your own designs to light up a craft, poster, or tri-fold presentation board. They are a great teaching tool for hands-on learning and simple circuitry.

  • $25.00$100.00

    Explore how solar power is converted into motion with a Solar Bug. A 2V solar cell connects directly to a self-stick vibrating motor causing this bug to wiggle around when placed in direct sunlight. This project allows students to flex their creative muscles, while also learning about solar power, motion, and vibration. We recommend personalizing your Solar Bugs by painting or coloring the cardstock bodies before assembly.