Purchase Orders with STEM Education Works

STEM Education Works accepts purchase orders from federal, state, and local government organizations. A signed copy of the purchase order and/or tax exemption form must be emailed to us at sales@stemeducationworks.com. If you have questions about your school or organization’s qualifications for purchase orders, please email sales@stemeducationworks.com or give us a call at 866-783-6109. If this is your school or organization’s first order, please include proof of tax-exempt status if applicable. Shipping and handling is free for orders over $500. For other orders, a $7.95 flat fee applies.
  • STEM Education Works as the vendor
  • Your school or organization’s billing address and phone number
  • Your school or organization’s shipping address and phone number for delivery
  • The email address for the order’s point-of-contact
  • Product codes, descriptions, and number of units for each product and total price
  • Appropriate shipping & handling fees
  • Signature of approval
To request a quote, submit the “Request a Quote” form on stemeducationworks.com/request-a-quote/ or contact us at sales@stemeducationworks.com. The shipping and handling charges above apply within the 48 Contiguous United States. For orders outside of the 48 Contiguous United States, contact us. **Some items require a purchase order. Contact us for more details.
sales@stemeducationworks.com 2880 US HWY 231 South Lafayette, IN 47909 USA