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At the forefront of environmental and renewable energies, Horizon Educational takes center stage. These STEM kits are centered around cutting-edge technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, solar photovoltaics, saltwater batteries, thermal power, supercapacitors, electrolyzers, bio-energy, and more! This unique offering sets us apart, ensuring that your classroom experience propels you decades ahead in the field of education.

Find new ways to generate power.

Using Horizon Educational's high-quality and innovative resources, you can create hands-on learning experiences that explore the fascinating world of renewable energy. These products provide engaging opportunities for students to investigate and understand concepts like electric circuits, solar, wind, and hydrogen power. Students will play the role of environmental STEM specialist as they build, tinker, experiment, and collect data.
By using Horizon Educational's renewable energy products, you empower students to become environmentally conscious and critical thinkers. The platform also offers comprehensive curriculum materials, professional development, and ongoing support to ensure a seamless integration into your STEM teachings. Prepare your students for a sustainable future with Horizon Educational's renewable energy products.

Horizon Energy Box

The Energy Box provides a complete understanding of how fuel cell technology interacts with renewable energy sources to create an entirely sustainable power grid. Solar power, wind energy, kinetic energy from a hand crank and a demonstration of the incredible storage potential of a super capacitor.

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Horizon DIY Fuel Cell Science Classroom Pack

What can you do with the DIY Fuel Cell Science Classroom Pack? Whatever you can dream up. Everything you need to split water and use its hydrogen to generate electricity is included. What that electricity powers is up to you. Use the included activity guide or come up with your own ideas!

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Horizon Renewable Energy Science Education Set 2.0

The Renewable Energy Science Kit demonstrates the workings of a clean energy technology system on a miniature scale. Power an electrical circuit by solar panel or a wind turbine with profiled blades based on NASA aeronautics.

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Horizon Hydrocar

Hydrocar introduces students to the hybrid technology that is fueling today’s automotive revolution! Hydrocar demonstrates a complete, clean-energy system with solar to hydrogen power generation. Powered by electricity from sunlight, the reversible fuel cell illustrates the principles of water electrolysis, separating hydrogen from water and then recombining these elements to create power in an extremely efficient process. The car can also steer independently to avoid running into obstacles.

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Horizon H-racer 2.0

Experience the automotive technology of the future by building and driving your own hydrogen fuel cell car. The latest generation of the H-racer, H-Racer 2.0, allows you to watch the process of electrolysis and the conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy!

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Horizon Hydrofill Pro

Hydrofill Pro is a “hydrogen on demand” desktop refueling station designed for easy and automatic refilling of Hydrostik Pro metal hydride cartridges (not included). Add pure water and connect to the AC grid, DC solar or wind power solutions for a completely self-sufficient, renewable hydrogen system. Compatible with fuel cell power devices above 2W, and up to 30W, Hydrofill Pro is particularly suited for schools, labs and technical learning facilities.

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Horizon Hydrostik Pro

Hydrostik Pro is a convenient hydrogen storage solution to fuel your hydrogen powered devices. Hold the latest hydrogen storage technology in the palm of your hand. Rather than compressing hydrogen gas, the safe, and reliable Hydrostik Pro binds hydrogen with a metal alloy to form a solid metal hydride. You will need a source of hydrogen like the Hydrofill Pro to charge the supplied Hydrostik Pro cartridge with hydrogen.

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Horizon Renewable Energy Monitor

Voltage, current, power, joules, resistance and even RPM speed available at the touch of a button—displayed either on the LCD screen of the monitor itself or as graphical data on your PC. The Horizon Energy Monitor helps bring lab and field experiments back into the classroom, making it the ideal tool to complement the Renewable Energy Science Education Set.

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Horizon Solar Hydrogen Science Kit

The Solar Hydrogen Science Kit lets students invent their own clean energy applications using fuel cells and renewable hydrogen created using solar energy and water. The kit also comes with a small electric motor and propeller blade as the starting point for motorized applications you can build using your futuristic solar energy storage device. The set comes with a complete curriculum on renewable energy with easy to follow experiment manual, assembly guide, flash animations, and background history on the technology.

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Horizon Vertical Wind Turbine Science Kit

Horizon’s Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Science Kit is the most comprehensive wind energy educational product on the market today. It allows students to explore simple wind turbine design by providing 3 different blade position combinations. Students can also design their own blades.
  • 3 different blade configurations
  • More than 25 hours of activities covering physics and earth/environmental science
  • Discover cutting-edge wind turbine technology

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Horizon Wind Energy Science Kit

With the Wind Energy Science Kit, you can build a miniature power generation system that converts wind into electrical energy. Experiment with the pitch (angle setting) of turbine blades and find out the optimum number of blades for generating electricity. Nine blades, with three types of profiled blade based on NASA aeronautics and one type of poly-propylene sheet blade, provide the opportunity to find the perfect balance of wind resistance, weight, and angle.

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Horizon DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit

What can you do with the DIY Fuel Cell Science Kit from Horizon? Whatever you can dream up. Everything you need to split water and use its hydrogen to generate electricity is included. What that electricity powers is up to you. Use our included activity guide or come up with your own ideas.

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Horizon Multi Energy Car Science Kit

The Multi Energy Car Science Kit lets students experiment with tomorrow’s sustainable transport solutions. Measure the superior energy density and power of the super capacitor. Compare different kinds of fuel cell technology, all of which convert elements into electrical energy: the direct ethanol fuel cell, the salt water fuel cell and PEM fuel cell. Plus, you can demonstrate the power of sunlight with the solar panel and generate electricity with the hand crank.

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Horizon Fuel Cell Car Science Kit

The Fuel Cell Car Science Kit enables students to discover the principles behind the real-scale fuel cell vehicles currently being rolled out across the world. Power an electrical circuit by solar panel or a wind turbine with profiled blades based on NASA aeronautics. Generate hydrogen through water electrolysis and convert it into electricity using a PEM fuel cell. Whichever combination of technologies you want to explore, this science kit is a comprehensive introduction to the principles behind renewable microgrids.

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H2GP SPRINT Classroom Pack

Unleash innovation with the fastest 1:20-scale hydrogen car in the world.
The H2GP SPRINT classroom pack is your complete classroom solution, allowing 12-24 students to dive into the thrilling world of hydrogen racing.  Using the six included fuel-cell electric SPRINT cars, your students will work in teams to design the fastest car possible before testing their vehicles on our super portable practice track. The classroom pack also includes unique code to access our full SPRINT curriculum for 12 months, which teaches students the fundamentals of hydrogen,  fuel cell electrical systems, physics, and data collection and evaluation.  

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