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We accept purchase orders! | Free shipping on orders over $500*

H2GP SPRINT Curriculum


Explore the future of sustainable energy with our hydrogen fuel cell course!

This comprehensive curriculum empowers students to investigate greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, and the different methods of hydrogen production. They’ll also get hands-on experience in understanding how fuel cells work and their environmental benefits, particularly in the realm of sustainable transportation. Utilizing higher-order thinking skills, students will engage in the design optimization of a fuel-cell-powered kart. With a blend of interactive presentations, research activities, and assessments, this course offers a holistic understanding of the environmental benefits of hydrogen fuel cells and the important role they can play for a greener future.

This innovative curriculum covers 30+ hours of classroom time, giving students an understanding of hydrogen fundamentals, climate change, and fuel cell electrical systems.

The curriculum is a perfect complement to our hands-on SPRINT kits that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of hydrogen production, storage, and use. Also included in our Classroom Packs.

Course Outcomes:

  • Decode the relationship between greenhouse gases and climate change
  • Critically evaluate various methods of hydrogen production
  • Explore the science behind electrolysis
  • Understand the mechanics and benefits of hydrogen fuel cells
  • Assess the environmental and sustainable advantages of fuel cell technology