Dobot is a brand you can trust. Constantly innovating, Dobot has been the center of STEM Education Works’ robotics since our inception in 2018. Many Dobot end effectors, like the pneumatic suction cup, and accessories, such as the conveyor belt, teach complex topics in a simple way. Dobot makes teaching robotics easy.
Easy to handle, space-efficient, and versatile. Dobot is used in elementary schools, at community colleges, and in industry.

Use an all-in-one approach to teach robotics.


Included Interchangeable End Effectors Designed to Teach:
Laser EngraverDobot Design thinking and precision
Suction CupDobot Coding and coordinates
Gripper (Soft Gripper for Lite)Dobot Programming and automation
Pen HolderDobot Write or draw creative designs
3D PrinterDobot Computer-aided design & creativity

Dobot Magician

The Dobot Magician includes five different end effectors with functions including 3D printing, laser engraving, writing, and drawing. With all these capabilities, students, teachers, and makers can learn programming, robotics, automation, electronics, computing, engineering design, logistics, and more. Pair this with our Foundations of Engineering, Robotics curriculum and it can be offered as a standalone course anywhere in an appropriate STEM or CTE pathway course, or implemented alongside existing material.

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Dobot Magician DobotThis best-in-class educational robot teaches the fundamentals. Coordinate Board DobotOur coordinate boards make programming easier. Conveyor Belt DobotSimulate a real production line with the conveyor belt. Robotics Course Pack Have on hand all the extras you need for our lessons. Robotics Workbook Encourage students to record their notes and sketches. Annual Access Our curriculum offers content for a semester-long course.
Starter Robotics Package 4 4 2 1 30 30 Students & 1 Instructor/ Semester
Classroom Robotics Package 6 6 3 1 30 30 Students & 1 Instructor/ Semester
Technology Lab Robotics Package 12 12 6 1 30 30 Students & 1 Instructor/ Semester

Dobot Magician Lite

Take learning robotics to a new level with the Dobot Magician Lite. This multi-functional lightweight robotic arm is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology for even more opportunities to get creative, problem-solve, and explore with robotics. The Dobot Magician Lite is equipped with three end effectors — the pen holder, suction cup, and soft gripper — that enable interactive, hands-on learning for students, teachers, or makers of any age.

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At STEM Education Works, we specialize in providing comprehensive STEM education solutions, and we have expertise in integrating Dobot into educational settings. We can offer guidance on curriculum development, teacher training, and ongoing support.
Additionally, we have a deep understanding of the Dobot ecosystem and can help you navigate the range of available options and accessories. We will help you successfully implement Dobot in your STEM education program with an easy and worry-free experience.

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