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We accept purchase orders! | Free shipping on orders over $500*
We accept purchase orders! | Free shipping on orders over $500*

K-12 Curriculum

  • $29.00

    The Glowforge Success Pack includes two standards-aligned, hands-on units to integrate Glowforge into your STEM instruction. FREE with every Glowforge purchase. Automatically receive free new lessons as we release them, available only to our Glowforge customers.

    • 10 lessons designed using the 5E format
    • Aligned to CSTA, NGSS, CCSS, and ISTE standards
    • Includes career and cultural connections

  • $249.00$1,299.00

    Introducing the 3D Printing Success Pack – our comprehensive K-12 3D printing curriculum. Designed for any 3D printer, this pack offers 26 standards-aligned lessons for grades K-12. With a focus on Tinkercad, students can easily learn the basics of computer-aided design and 3D printing. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, from geometry to social studies to language arts, allowing seamless integration into any core-subject learning environment. Instructors have access to professional development resources to enhance their own knowledge before teaching the skills to students. 

    • Compatible with any 3D printer, the 3D Printing Success Pack makes learning 3D printing basics simple and enjoyable for grades K-12.
    • 26 standards-aligned lessons offer a wide range of subject coverage, from geometry to social studies to language arts.
    • Easy adaptability to any core-subject learning environment, allowing seamless integration into existing curricula.
    • Purchase includes online access to professional development resources, empowering educators to enhance their own 3D printing knowledge and confidently guide their students.