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We accept purchase orders! | Free shipping on orders over $500*

6-8 Curriculum

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    This middle school 3D printing curriculum features themes like the Engineering Design Process, Life Science, and Physical Science. Our curriculum ensures a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary educational experience and includes specialized features for remediation, extension, and social-emotional learning (SEL), making the curriculum adaptable to a diverse range of learners.  To further enrich the learning experience, we connect 3D printing concepts with other trending makerspace technologies, such as coding and robotics. In a world where 3D printing is becoming increasingly vital in career and technical education, this robust curriculum provides middle school students with a broad spectrum of skills essential for the 21st-century workforce. Anchored by the 5E learning model—Engage, Explore, Explain, Engineer, and Evaluate—our curriculum offers a holistic, adaptable, and future-ready educational journey. *3D Printer not included

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    Our middle school micro:bit course is designed to immerse students in the Engineering Design Process, structured around six lessons that adhere to the 5E lesson plan format. Within this framework, students tackle real-world problems by stepping into roles defined by narrative-driven design briefs, which encourages a practical approach to problem-solving.  The curriculum employs the MakeCode platform, allowing for an interactive experience with both virtual and physical micro:bits, and places a strong emphasis on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by integrating activities that promote collaboration, reflection, and critical thinking.  Authentic assessments are central to the course, with reflection exercises, rubrics, and checklists providing educators with valuable tools to measure student learning and progress. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only gain technical skills in coding but also develop a deep understanding of the design process, preparing them for the technological challenges of the future. Lessons include:

    • Coding Superheroes
    • Weather Broadcasters
    • Escape Room
    • Game Show
    • Fashion Statement
    • micro:bit Gamer
    *micro:bit not included

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    The Build Smart EV Micro-Kart FLASH curriculum puts your students in the driver’s seat as they build and code their own electric go-karts. The curriculum walks you through each step so you can enjoy the experience alongside your students. It teaches students about the Engineering Design Process through hands-on, project-based learning. Using the 5E lesson plan format (Engage, Explore, Explain, Engineer, Evaluate), students work through a series of activities that leads them to the creation of a fully functioning electric kart. The course implements standards from ISTE, NGSS, CCSS, STEL, and CSTA. The short course can be used for:

    • Introductory units on environmental and mechanical engineering
    • Out-of-school STEM-based activities (4H, Boys and Girls Club, etc.)
    • Virtual instruction
    • Hybrid instruction
    • Library youth programming
    • Professional development for educators
    • STEM classrooms
    This curriculum is designed to be used with the Build Smart EV Micro-Kart FLASH Kit & Supplies Pack

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    The Build Smart Clubhouse is a middle school curriculum that gets students designing and building their own automated clubhouses. They learn the fundamentals of construction and architecture as they build their structures using industry standards. Next, students incorporate computer science skills as they code a micro:bit and sensor technology to automate their clubhouses with a thermostat, fan, lighting, and doorbell. The clubhouse curriculum works in various settings, whether you are fully virtual, hybrid, or in a traditional classroom. The curriculum can serve as a semester-long STEM or CTE course or be implemented within an existing core course. It is also perfect for out-of-school activities, such as: - 4H - Girls and Boys Clubs - Girl and Boy Scouts of America - Coder Dojo - Summer camps - Library programming   View the clubhouse in action with this video by our own Dr. Jake.