Build Smart Clubhouse Curriculum - STEM Education Works
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We accept purchase orders! | Free shipping on orders over $500*

Build Smart Clubhouse Curriculum


The Build Smart Clubhouse is a middle school curriculum that gets students designing and building their own automated clubhouses. They learn the fundamentals of construction and architecture as they build their structures using industry standards. Next, students incorporate computer science skills as they code a micro:bit and sensor technology to automate their clubhouses with a thermostat, fan, lighting, and doorbell.

The clubhouse curriculum works in various settings, whether you are fully virtual, hybrid, or in a traditional classroom.

The curriculum can serve as a semester-long STEM or CTE course or be implemented within an existing core course. It is also perfect for out-of-school activities, such as:
– 4H
– Girls and Boys Clubs
– Girl and Boy Scouts of America
– Coder Dojo
– Summer camps
– Library programming


View the clubhouse in action with this video by our own Dr. Jake.

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Smart Homes
  • Unit 2: Blueprint Basics
  • Unit 3: Building Framework - Base
  • Unit 4: Blueprint Basics - Walls
  • Unit 5: Constructing the Base
  • Unit 6: Side Walls
  • Unit 7: Front Walls
  • Unit 8: Rear Wall
  • Unit 9: Completing the Framework
  • Unit 10: Computational Thinking
  • Unit 11: Circuits
  • Unit 12: Block Coding
  • Unit 13: Customizing a Doorbell
  • Unit 14: Lights
  • Unit 15: Fan
  • Unit 16: Thermostat
  • Unit 17: Nesting and Flowcharts
  • Unit 18: Finishes
  • Access to resources like worksheets, answer keys, slide presentations, and activities
  • Online curriculum access through Skyepack includes the ability to take notes, watch videos, complete assignments, and more in an engaging online classroom