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We accept purchase orders! | Free shipping on orders over $500*

Build Smart EV Kart FLASH Kit Paired

  • $299.00

    The EV Micro-Kart FLASH Supplies Pack is a compliment to the EV Micro-Kart FLASH curriculum. The materials in this supply pack will accommodate a classroom of up to 30 students. It contains:

    • Transistor TIP 42C (3)
    • Wheels and Axle Pack (2)
    • Potentiometer (4)
    • Super Bright white LED (12)
    • Super Bright red LED (12)
    • 10K ohm Resistor (20)
    • Breadboard Adapter (2)
    • 5.9" M/F Jumper Wires (30)
    • 3.9" M/M Jumper Wires (30)
    • Short Course Pulley and Band Pack (2)
    • micro:bits (2)
    • USB Cord (2)
    • Slim Power Battery Pack (2)
    • Large Motor Mounts (2)
    • Rubberbands (2)
    • 3V Hobby Motor with Leads (3)
    • Breadboard (2)
    • Chassis Pack of 30 (1)

  • $129.00$279.00

    The Build Smart EV Micro-Kart FLASH curriculum puts your students in the driver’s seat as they build and code their own electric go-karts. The curriculum walks you through each step so you can enjoy the experience alongside your students. It teaches students about the Engineering Design Process through hands-on, project-based learning. Using the 5E lesson plan format (Engage, Explore, Explain, Engineer, Evaluate), students work through a series of activities that leads them to the creation of a fully functioning electric kart. The course implements standards from ISTE, NGSS, CCSS, STEL, and CSTA. The short course can be used for:

    • Introductory units on environmental and mechanical engineering
    • Out-of-school STEM-based activities (4H, Boys and Girls Club, etc.)
    • Virtual instruction
    • Hybrid instruction
    • Library youth programming
    • Professional development for educators
    • STEM classrooms
    This curriculum is designed to be used with the Build Smart EV Micro-Kart FLASH Kit & Supplies Pack