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We accept purchase orders! | Free shipping on orders over $500*

CoDrone EDU Small Classroom Pack


The CoDrone EDU is a programmable drone, meant for learning in the classroom. Code it in Python or start from the basics with block-based coding. Unique to this drone are its color sensors, a front range sensor, a bottom range sensor, among others — all usable in code. With a durable and safe frame, programmable lights, and access to its 7 sensors, it’s an excellent learning tool and a great way to learn coding and engineering skills.

Receive 10 drones, extras, and professional development in this classroom package. See full list of contents below.

See the Teacher Resources tab below for free CoDrone EDU curriculum provided by Robolink!

What you’ll learn:

  • Drone piloting
  • Coding foundations
  • Flight directions
  • Graphing sensor data
  • Controlling LEDs
  • Obstacle detection
  • Mapping space
  • Coding sound
  • Block coding
  • Text coding
  • 10 CoDrone EDUs
  • 11 Smart Controllers (includes 1 extra)
  • 40 rechargeable batteries
  • 20 two-battery chargers
  • 10 sets of replacement propellers (each set has 2 clockwise, 2 counter-clockwise)
  • 1 set of replacement motors (2 clockwise, 2 counter-clockwise)
  • 1 replacement frame set
  • “Basics” 2-hour of virtual PD for a group of up to 4 people
  • 2-year extended warranty