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Lafayette, Ind. — October 2019 —  STEM Education Works recently participated in Greater Lafayette Commerce’s annual Manufacturing celebration, originally inspired by National Manufacturing Day. For a whole week, elementary and middle school students gathered to learn more about the manufacturing spectrum — which has cleverly been divided into four main groups: Move It, Support It, Produce It, and Design It. 

STEM Education Works’ very own Beau Scott lead students to learn about the logistics (Move It) of the manufacturing industry. Helped by Ty Martorano, STEM Education Works’ Product Specialist, Beau used the company’s robotics frontliner, the Dobot Magician, to help young students learn that moving manufactured product is more than putting it in your car and driving off. Coding the Dobot Magician robotic arm to pick items up and move them along the conveyor belt helped students connect real-world technologies to things they do in their classrooms throughout the year.

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