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eSun PLA+ Filament – 1kg / 1.75mm Assorted 3-Pack


Polylactic acid (PLA) is a polymer plastic similar to the material used in biodegradable plastic packaging. A tough, resilient material with a matte, opaque appearance, PLA+ has added strength, making it several times more durable than regular PLA. Although it’s not as tolerant of heat as ABS, PLA better adheres to surfaces, making it easier to print with. Additionally, the reinforced spool with a bigger inner diameter allows for effortless filament extrusion, ensuring smoother, better-looking prints. With a standard 1.75mm diameter, these affordable 1kg rolls are compatible with the Sindoh WOX1 and 2X printers as well as most other 3D printers. One 1kg roll can print approximately 200 keychains, 80mm x 20mm x 5mm.

eSun PLA+ Filament is non-harmful, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and produced according to the highest quality standards.

Optimal printing temperature: 205 – 225 degrees Celsius

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