Robotics Workbench


This workbench has plenty of space for your robotics team with room for three robots and supplies. The maple plywood workbench provides three separate storage compartments. Each compartment has a rollout shelf which holds up to an 18″ square robot. Also, within each compartment is a separate drawer with a customizable foam insert (included) to store tools (not included). Each compartment is outfitted to accept a combination lock. The top is ShopTop®, which sandwiches a medium-density fiberboard between two layers of 1/2″ high-density particleboard, creating a non-conductive and splinter proof top. Easily fits through standard doorways on six, 4″ heavy-duty, locking casters and the raise and lock top is 1-1/4″ thick and can be extended an extra 8″.

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