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Linear Rail Kit


The Sliding Rail Kit allows for the working space of Dobot Magician to be fully extended. The kit includes a high-precision industrial linear rail, a tool kit, and wire set. The wire set is a drag-chain cable carrier containing and protecting the cables. The Sliding Rail Kit allows the Dobot Magician to do large-scale tasks, such as long-distance picking and placing, and a large range of writing, drawing and laser engraving.

*Dobot not included

STEMCare Protection Plan ( 1 year included )

Payload 5 kg
Effective Travel Distance 1000 mm
Maximum Speed 150 mm/s
Maximum Acceleration 150 mm/s²
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Absolute positioning accuracy 0.25mm
Net Weight 4.7KG
Weight (including packing) 7.23KG
Dimension(Length × Width × Height) 1320mm × 120mm × 55mm

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