Our K-12 curriculum is built by teachers, for teachers


  • Get started with fun, easy-to-use robotics equipment with customizable bundles to fit your classroom.
  • Focus on manufacturing processes with a full semester secondary curriculum featuring Industry 4.0 skills.
  • Implement teacher-designed lessons as career and technical education takes center stage in this standards-aligned pathway course.

3D Printing

  • Make 3D printing simple and fun and inspire your students to bring computer-aided design to the classroom; designed for beginners to advanced users
  • Deliver standards-aligned, cross-curricular activities that are easy to implement in K-12 environments.
  • Teach with confidence knowing we provide the resources and support you need to successfully implement 3D printing.

Build Smart

  • Take STEM learning to a new level with social relevance and hands-on learning in middle or high school.
  • Integrate specific industry-related skills with clear career connections.
  • Incorporate technology skills as students experience coding, sensor technology, and microcontrollers.

K-12 Curriculum

  • Created by educators, our curriculum combines the best in educational technology with standards-aligned, cross-curricular lessons using the 5E pedagogical model and the Engineering Design Process.
  • Get your students excited about STEM through hands-on activities, using real-world examples and career connections.
  • Helps to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills, starting in elementary school.

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