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frequently asked questions

Which end effectors are included with the Dobot Magician?
Dobot Magician end effectors include a suction cup, pen holder, laser engraver, pneumatic gripper, and 3D printer. Switching between the end effectors will achieve the functions of suction, drawing & writing, laser engraving & gray engraving, picking up and 3D printing.
What kind of material can be used with the laser engraver?
Various materials can be used with the laser engraver: leather, cardstock, wood, and more. Please note the laser engraver should not be used on reflective surfaces such as metal or glass. It is advised that you test on the material you want to use in a well ventilated area before starting on your final project.
What kind of filament does the Dobot 3D printer use?
1.75 mm PLA
Is there training available?
Yes, we will offer professional development sessions several times throughout the year. We can also arrange for custom training sessions at your location. Check out our professional development page for more information.
What kind of curriculum is available?
The curriculum module we have available is Foundations in Engineering, Technology, and Robotics. It features a semester’s worth of lessons and is organized in 5 units consisting of 3 units each. At the end of the semester the students will use what they have learned to complete a grand challenge. For more information, please call 866.783.6109
What grade level is STEM Education Works curriculum for?
Our curriculum is best suited for students in grades 6-12.
Which interchangeable heads are included with the Mooz-2?
A CNC carver, 3D Printer, and Laser Engraver.
How do I access my purchased curriculum package?
You will be able to download your curriculum after you make your purchase. Updates will be sent to you as long as your subscription is active.
My suction cup isn’t working properly
There are a few things that could affect the functionality of the suction cup or the pneumatic gripper. A common issue can be easily fixed by making sure the hose is not being pinched as arm moves. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support.
My Dobot won’t run my program
First, check if your Dobot is connected to the Dobot Studio Software. Then, check if the correct end effector is selected in the dropdown menu located in the upper middle section of the Dobot Studio. Next, check if the program you are trying to run is within the bounds of the Dobot Magician (x, y, z) range. If you are still having issues, update your firmware in “Settings” to the most recent version.
Can I use two Dobots at once?
Yes, you can with a PC, but not with a Mac. The wireless attachment included with the Dobot enables two Dobots to communicate with each other.
Which classes can I use the curriculum in?
Which class can’t you use it in?! The extensive versatility is the beauty of our curriculum and the best in class supporting technology behind it. Our curriculum has been implemented:

  • As supplementary and complete course curriculums in both middle and high school classrooms
  • In after school programs such as CoderDojo and Robotics in Manufacturing Summer Camp, and makerspace events
  • For recruiting in higher education STEM programs
  • As a teaching tool for pre-service teachers in STEM fields
My Dobot Studio is appearing in a language other than English; what do I do?
To change Dobot Studio to English, do the following:

On the right side of the top menu bar in Dobot Studio, you will see a two character code:

Click that code and a menu will appear.

Select English.

A message will appear on your screen.  Select Ok.

Close, then re-open Dobot Studio to complete the process.

What kind of warranty does STEM Education Works offer on their products?
We offer our STEMCare 1 year Protection Plan with all of our products. Learn more here.
What standards does your curriculum align with?
Our curriculum aligns with Standards for Technological Literacy (STL), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA).

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