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Professional Development

Training for Success

This training uses a hands-on, collaborative approach for implementing the STEM Education Works Module 1 Curriculum – Foundations in Engineering, Technology, and Robotics, in conjunction with the Dobot Magician robotic arm. By the end of the training, you will have the confidence and proficiency to implement this curriculum and technology in your individual program.

Our affordable and valuable professional development training also features ed tech experts and educators as guest speakers, a tour through a local manufacturing plant to see robotics in action, as well as a variety of engaging after-hours experiences! Our small group setting allows for more one-on-one individualized learning experiences. Lunches are provided each day.



Topics Covered:

  • Systems Thinking and Robotics
  • Dobot Magician Setup
  • Dobot Studio Feature: Teach and Playback
  • Dobot Studio Feature: Laser Engraving
  • Implementation Models
  • Computational Thinking & Programming
    • Coordinates and Robotics
    • Dynamic Programming – Variables, Loops, Logic, Functions, and Lists
    • Programming in Industry and Manufacturing
  • CAD and 3D Printing
    • Dobot 3D Printer Setup
    • Engineering Design Process
    • Basics of Computer Aided Design
    • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Efficient, Effective, and Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Ethics and Robotics
  • Regional Manufacturing Ecosystems in Education – Creating Local, Industry-Driven Projects
  • Working with Dobot Accessories
    • MOOZ-2 3D Printer
    • Vision Kit
    • Conveyor Belt Kit
    • Linear Rail
  • Hands-on Activities

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