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Tinker Kit


Start your digital maker journey with the Tinker Kit. It includes a custom breakout board, a library of easy-to-use electronic components, and a variety of fun DIY projects. Along with the breakout board, it comes with OLED, PIR sensor, passive buzzer, crash sensor, soil moisture sensor, LEDs, mini servo, ADKeypad and a potentiometer.


  • Micro:bit Board x1
  • Crystal Battery Box – 2 x AAA x1
  • Elecfreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board x1
  • Micro-B USB Cable x1
  • OLED Display x1
  • Mini Servo(1.6kg) x1
  • Octopus PIR sensor Brick x1
  • Octopus Soil Moisture Sensor Brick x1
  • Octopus ADKeypad x1
  • Octopus Crash Sensor Brick x1
  • Octopus Passive buzzer Brick OBPB01 x1
  • Octopus 5mm LED Brick OBLED – Red x1 
  • Octopus 5mm LED Brick – Green x1
  • Octopus 5mm LED Brick OBLED – Blue x1
  • Octopus Analog Rotation Brick OBARot x1
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