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With 24 Bits and 35 accessories included, the STEAM+ kit is equipped with 40+ standards-aligned lessons to engage students with STEAM concepts ranging from engineering design to game design. This kit allows for hours of fun with Bits to support unplugged learning and coding on a device using the new FUSE app. The STEAM+ Kit also includes printed teaching materials, an invention guide with tips and challenges for getting started, and a newly designed durable storage container.

  • Units included: Engineering design, science, ELA, computational thinking and coding through game design
  • Lessons for grades 3-8 are aligned to NGSS, CCSS and CSTA
SKU: SPH-STEAMkit-Oth-04 Category: GTIN: 817960125221


Buttons 2
Temperature Sensor 1
Long LED 1
Buzzer 1
Core Axle Servo 1
USB Power 1
Pressure Sensor 1
Speaker 1
Square LED Matrix 1
CodeBit 1
Light Sensor 1
Power 1
Cross Axle DC Motors 2
Pulse 1
Fork 1
Slide Dimmer 1
Fan 1
Inverter 1
Number 1
Wires 2
Rechargeable Battery 1
littleBits CodeBit dongle 1
Power Snap 2
USB cable, 1.5mm 1
USB cable, 0.5mm 1
9V Batteries + Cable 1
Wheels 2
Mechanical Arms 3
Standard Mounting Board 1
XL Mounting Board 1
Durable Storage Carrying Case 1
Magnet BitShoes
Hook and Loop BitShoes
Twist Ties
Additional Accessories
Teacher Guide
Invention Guide
Storage Container