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Sphero Mini Activity Kit


The Sphero Mini Activity Kit includes everything needed to pair with Sphero Minis, so students can play and learn coding through fun games and challenges. With covers to protect your Sphero Mini bots, mini traffic cones, bowling pins, activity cards, and a construction set, this kit creates endless possibilities for fun and learning.

SKU: SPH-MniACTkt-Oth-04 Category: GTIN: 817961024361


Sphero Mini with clear shell 1
USB Cable 1
Activity Cards to build mazes, construct towers, and design obstacle courses 15
28-piece Construction Set Rails, Arches, and Connector Pieces
Bowling Pins 6
Cones 3
Robotic Ball Cover 1
Compatable with Sphero Edu app (iOS, Android, Windows, & Chromebook)