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Smart Home Kit


Transform your home (or classroom) into a space with intelligent appliances using the sensors, motors, and buzzers included in this kit. A smart fish tank, voice activated light, and temperature-activated fan are some of the limitless inventions built from the components of the Smart Home Kit.

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Module Quantity
3V sensor:bit 1
OLED Screen 1
Crash E-Blocks 1
TMP36 temperature sensor E-Blocks 1
Rainbow LED E-Blocks 1
Simulation noise sensor E-Blocks 1
Light sensor E-Blocks 1
Soil moisture sensor E-Blocks 1
Relay E-Blocks 1
DC motor E-Blocks 1
180° servo E-Blocks 1
Submersible pump E-Blocks 1
Screw Driver 1
USB Cable 1
Crystal Battery Box 1
Smart home kit manual book 1