STEM Education Works Premium Package


Delivering a comprehensive classroom experience, the STEM Education Works Premium Package includes the essentials to educate, demonstrate, and involve your students in STEM Education. The STEM Education Works Foundations in Engineering, Technology, and Robotics course grants access to one year’s worth of content. Maximize student involvement and interest in STEM with this package.

STEMCare Protection Plan ( 1 year included )

This package contains:

  • 6 Dobot Magicians for Education
  • 6 Coordinate Boards
  • 3 Conveyor Belt Kits
  • 1 STEM Education Works Class Pack (for 24 students)
  • Includes one year site access to our Foundations in Engineering, Technology and Robotics course.
  • 1 year of STEMCare PER Dobot MAGICIAN