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PLA Filament Roll Assorted 3-Pack 500g/1.75mm


Polylactic acid (PLA) is a polymer plastic, similar to the material used in biodegradable plastic packaging. PLA is a tough, resilient material with a matte, opaque quality. It is not as tolerant of heat as ABS is but is easier to print with because it adheres to surfaces better, so great for beginners. These 500g rolls work with our Sindoh WOX1 and 2X printers to create clean, durable prints, and the standard 1.75 mm filament diameter make it compatible with most 3D printers. One 500g roll can print approximately 100 keychains 80mm x 20mm x 5mm.

Quality – All Keene Village Plastics filaments are manufactured in Barberton, OH using 3-axis laser-controlled precision, providing high quality materials.

Optimal printing temperature: 195 – 215 degrees Celsius.

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