Module 1 – Foundations of Engineering, Technology and Robotics


Teacher designed, industry aligned, using best-in-class robotic technology, the STEM Education Works curriculum drives problem-solving, collaboration and creative-thinking skills to ensure student success in the workforce. Targeted toward students grades 6-12, the curriculum is split into modules containing five lessons each, focusing on core STEM subjects such as engineering, technology and robotics that can be directly applied to a future career.

To ensure that students are gaining top-quality education, our curriculum was developed with the standards in mind before it was written rather than forcing them in at the end. In this way, educators can have peace of mind in knowing they are satisfying the core STEM educational standards while providing students with challenging, meaningful and relevant real-world applications.

While each module contains a semester’s worth of material, our scaffolded design promotes student independence and allows students and educators to differentiate to meet the needs of individual learners, rather than following the a-b-c-d format of similar programs. In this way, our curriculum is flexible and can be implemented alongside existing material, so it can be introduced to the classroom with ease. Further, our curriculum requires no long-term commitment and costs less than similar curriculum programs to remain affordable for classroom budgets.

Additionally, to ensure that students get the most from their STEM experience, our curriculum combines several approaches including project-based learning and 5E methodology. Our curriculum topics are fashioned to build from an introduction to robotics and systems thinking and progress all the way up to advanced manufacturing techniques and ethics regarding robotics in the real world. No matter which path students choose, our curriculum cultivates creative minds, problem solvers, collaborators, and successful individuals.