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littleBits STEAM Student Set Classroom Bundle (10 Kits)


With 190 Bits and 400 accessories included, the littleBits STEAM Student Set Classroom Bundle is perfect for hands-on classroom learning. The bundle includes 10 student sets, teacher support materials, and 20+ hours of standards-aligned STEAM lessons, to foster student creativity. The Bits can also be paired with a device using the littleBit’s FUSE app to add programming and animation to bring your students’ inventions to life while also instilling coding concepts, such as conditionals, functions, and variables.

SKU: LTBT-STEAMstdnt10pk-Oth-04 Category: GTIN: 810876022934


Power Bits 10
USB Cables 10
Buttons 10
Slide Dimmers 10
Light Sensors 10
Temperature Sensors 10
Pulses 10
Forks 10
Wires 10
Inverters 10
Number Bits 10
Long LED 10
DC Motors 20
Servos & Hubs 10
Buzzers 10
Fans 10
Tackle Boxes 4