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littleBits Code Kit (1 Kit)


These easy to use building blocks snap together. Enable students to learn hands-on with the littleBits Code Kit. Containing 16 Bits and 25 accessories, this kit allows students to code their own games or inventions using block-based coding. With more than 100 activities, the littleBits Code Kit fosters creativity while also allowing students to develop a better understanding of design thinking and coding concepts.

SKU: LTBT-CODEkit-Oth-04 Category: GTIN: 810876022576


USB Power 1
 Buttons 2
Dimmer 1
Slide Dimmer 1
Pressure Sensor 1
Sound Trigger 1
Wires 3
branch 1
code bit 1
bargraph 1
servo & hub 1
speaker 1
LED matrix 1
Teacher Resource Guide
100 activities and 10 lessons available on the free companion app