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littleBits Code Kit Classroom Bundle (10 Kits)


These easy to use building blocks snap together. Enable students to learn hands-on with the littleBits Code Kit Classroom Bundle. Containing 10 Code Kits and more than 100 activities, this bundle allows students to code their own games or inventions using block-based coding. With countless opportunities for student creativity, the littleBits Code Kit can help students develop a better understanding of design thinking and coding concepts. With more than 100 activities foster creativity and problem-solving, this Bundle contains enough Bits for 20-30 students.

SKU: LTBT-CODEkit10pk-Oth-04 Category: GTIN: 810876022613


USB Cables 10
microUSB Cables 10
 Buttons 10
Dimmers 10
Slide Dimmers 10
Pressure Sensors 10
Sound Triggers 10
Wires 30
Branches 10
Code Bits 10
Bargraphs 10
Servos & Hubs 10
Servo Mounts 10
Speakers 10
LED matrices 10
Tackle Boxes 4
bitShoes, hooks, &loops 120
Mechanical Arms and Cross Axles 10
XL Mounting Boards 10
codeBit Dongles 10
powerSnaps 30
Twist Ties 10
Teacher Resource Guide
100 activities and 10 lessons available on the free companion app