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littleBits At-Home Learning Starter Kit


With 5 Bits and 12 accessories included, the littleBits At-Home Learning Starter Kit is the perfect solution for at-home learning. Designed for educators to send home with students, this kit is simple for parents to facilitate and features an easy-to-follow At-Home Learning Guide for getting started. This introductory kit is perfect to support students’ creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving in any learning environment.

Check out the At-Home Guide!

SKU: LTBT-HMSTKit-Oth-04 Category: GTIN: 810876023603


USB Power 1
Slide Dimmer 1
Button 1
Servo 1
9V Battery and Cable 1
Battery Clip 1
Adhesive Shoes 4
Ball Caster 1
Mechanical Arm 1
Glue Dots Sheet 1
Mounting Boards 2
Paper Templates 4
At-Home Learning Guide 1