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Mooz-2 Complete Set Bonus Filament Limited Time Only


  • Full Aluminum 3D Printer with Industrial-grade CNC-machined Body, Linear Guideway and Stepper Motor Keeps MOOZ Stable and High Precision – 0.02mm
  • Assistant Calibration, Easy to Assemble within 10 Minutes, Protective Case with Goggle, Intuitive Guide and Tutorial Make MOOZ Suitable for Beginners, Makers, Educators and More
  • Printed Directly from SD Card, USB Cable,3.5 inch Touchable Control Panel, Support Any STL Files from Cura, Slic3r, Print run etc. Support PLA, ABS, PC, FLEX etc. 3D Printing Filament
  • It also supports cnc carving on wood, leather, plastic, except for metal and laser engraving on wood, leather, paper with 500Mw laser power
  • Comes with 3 PLA 3D Filament 220 g Spool 1.75 mm (Pink, Purple, and Neon Green)

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1. Mooz Double Z-axis 3D Printer *1
2. 8-core Cable *2
3. 6-core Cable x1 1-to-2 Adapter *1
4. USB 2.0 Cable(A-male to B-male) *1
5. 12V Power Adapter *1
6. CNC Platform & Fixture *1
7. CNC Chuck Wrench & Bits *1
9. Hex Screwdrivers & Serveral M3x8 M3x6 Hex Screws
10. 250g PLA Filament *1
11. Filament Support *1
12. 3D Printing Module *1
13. CNC Carving Module *1
14. Laser Engraving Module *1
15. Goggles *1
16. Protective Shield *1
17. 3 MakeShaper PLA 3D Filament 220 g Spool 1.75 mm (Pink, Purple, and Neon Green)