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CUstomer Service

Simple, Worry-Free Experience

It’s our goal to be the best company you work with. Our success over the years can be attributed to our high level of customer service.

Dedicated Customer Service Reps

We’re not a call center. You will have one customer service representative for your account, they will know your account history and form a personal relationship with you and your school.

Proactive Customer Service

We consistently spend time training with the STEM Education Works platform, products and curriculum so that we are well-versed in all the areas our customers could potentially need help in.

We Understand

We’ve been working with schools for over 30 years. We understand many struggles our customers go through on a daily basis, and strive to make your day when you call in.

We’re Here For You

Whatever your communication style, we’re here to help.

Call us at 866.783.6109 or Live Chat

Need help? Call us at 866.783.6109 or Live Chat