[Solved] Mooz - Filament isn't coming out, so my image isn't printing  

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Here's what I check when having issues:

  • I check my filament to make sure it's the right type. 
  • Make sure my filament is pushed in all the way. Apparently when they test at the factory, some filament can stay in the extruder and will get pushed out before the new filament gets to the extruder.
    • Make sure it's pushed in all the way, the button on the 3D printer head needs to be pressed in while feeding it through, and the button should remain pressed when you let go.
    • If it's extruding, make sure to manually press the extrude on the screen a couple of times, just to make sure.
  • Make sure you are waiting long enough for the Mooz to actually print. Sometimes the first layer or two is really thin/too close to the bed, so letting the file print for 10-15 minutes and seeing what happens should solve that.
  • Make sure the filament isn't tangled or stuck in the back of the machine.
  • Make sure there's no issue with the file you are trying to print. Try another file.

What other suggestions have you found?

Posted : 15/10/2018 2:04 pm

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