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Lafayette, Ind. – June 12, 2019 – Lafayette-based SDI Innovations announced that its subsidiary STEM Education Works has partnered with Sindoh, a South Korea-based 3D printer manufacturer.

Sindoh technology takes 3D printing to the next level with its built-in user-friendly features, printing quality and other high-level capabilities. As a national Sindoh distributor, STEM Education Works is committed to delivering the best 3D printing experience to educators and students. With Sindoh, the company is confident that it will be able to provide the best technology at an affordable price.

“We are very pleased to integrate Sindoh as a key partner to the STEM Education Works portfolio as we work together to support the needs of advanced manufacturing through education and workforce development,” said SDI Innovations President and CEO, Tim Powers. “In partnership with STEM Education Works, a team of expert educators has developed exclusive Sindoh curriculum and professional development resources for students and instructors. We’re excited about the opportunities this partnership creates,” Powers added.

STEM Education Works was launched in 2018, a brand under parent company SDI Innovations focused on developing the work force skills of tomorrow through an impressive portfolio of innovative robotics technology and standards-aligned STEM curriculum developed in partnership with Purdue University.

In addition to STEM Education Works, SDI Innovations is the parent company of many educational suppliers, stationery suppliers, and agricultural industry publishers; School Datebooks supplies academic planning calendars to more than 12,000 schools in 50 states and 22 countries; Eventlink® delivers athletic and full-school event scheduling software; No Name Paper Co. offers high-end planners and stationery on Amazon and Etsy; and Ag Printers provides marketing and labeling solutions for the ag industry.


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Jon Sautter, Director of Marketing, jon@sdiinnovations.com