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It is our pleasure to welcome Beau Scott, an accomplished professional in educational development, to our team at STEM Education Works. As our new Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, Beau will leverage his expertise in curriculum development, K-12 education standards, and education funding to bring STEM Education Works to new heights.


Education and Experience

A proud Purdue alumnus, Beau received both his bachelor’s in Elementary Education and Teaching and his master’s in Educational Leadership and Administration from the university. After Purdue, Beau taught at Wea Ridge Elementary School here in Lafayette, Indiana before moving to London where he taught for four years. After returning to the U.S., he took the role of a high ability teacher at Dayton Elementary School, working with students to nurture their unique talents and prepare them for the future. Beau’s work as Elementary Math and Science Specialist at the Indiana Department of Education propelled him to further follow his passion for STEM education development, which brought him to STEM Education Works.

A seasoned expert in grant procurement, Beau has secured funding from numerous grants for educational tools such as Lego Mindstorms kits, Kindle readers, and Piper Computer kits. He was also a recipient of the Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Grant.


Vision for the Future

At STEM Education Works, Beau aspires to develop educational tools and curriculum resources that help educators feel confident in their ability to utilize education technology. Beau hopes to use his platform to raise the awareness of the necessity and importance of STEM education funding, as the future job market calls for a tremendous amount of talent in STEM fields.

Beau is optimistic that his enthusiasm for education development and upbeat attitude will serve as encouragement and inspiration to those around him. Initially drawn to the creative and innovative environment at STEM Education Works, Beau is excited to continue his journey here to shape the future of STEM education.