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In the coming months, STEM Education Works will make appearances at several conferences across the country to showcase our robotics kits and newest curriculum. We plan on releasing the second module to our curriculum developed in partnership with Purdue University. Look for us at any of the conferences below and check out what we’ll have on display! 


2019 Conferences 

International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA): This show focuses on the general advancement of technology for all people. It’s almost here, so get registered as soon as possible! It takes place in Kansas City, MOMarch 27th-30th. Click HERE to Register. 

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)Holding its 67th annual conference about science education in St. Louis, MO April 11th-14th. Register HERE and browse their site to learn more. 

Tennessee STEM Innovation Summit: Hosted by the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, this event brings together leaders and innovators of STEM education. It’s happening May 14th-15th in Nashville, TN. Check it out HERE. 

International Society for Tech in Education (ISTE): This 2019 conference promotes innovation and activates change in education. It’s being held in Philadelphia, PA, and although it isn’t until June 23rd-26th, it is a good idea to REGISTER early for the best deals! 


What We’ll Bring to the Table 

At each of these conferences, we’re looking forward to showing off our innovative robotic products and curriculum. You can expect to see four of our Dobot Magician robot arms showcasing their capabilities including 3D printing, laser engraving, and writingTwo of our Dobot Magicians will be paired and hooked up to another one of our Conveyor Belt Kit, working together to simulate a production line and show the real world application of robotics education. We also often display our Linear Rail Kit, which allows our robotic arms to become fully extended along an industrial linear rail to complete various tasks.  

Our industrial grade Mooz-2 metallic 3D printer will also be making an appearance. Interchangeable heads allow the printer to perform engraving and CNC machining. The Mooz-2 is intuitive to set up and use and is great for beginners and educators.  

In addition to our robotic displays, STEM Education Works will bring samples of our newest curriculum, which has been developed in partnership with Purdue University. This curriculum helps educators promote problem solving, collaboration, and creative, out-of-thebox thinking in their students, helping prepare them for their careers. Schools that already use our robotic products will share their experiences with how STEM Education Works has helped them advance their STEM programs. We’ll also have testimonials from the curriculum writers to give an inside look at what we offer and share a bit about the robotic programming software, Blockly. 


We’re looking forward to the following months and we hope to meet plenty of educators and innovators at the conferences!